PlayStation 4
Xbox One
- Case is not heat redirecting. Relies on
venting for heat escape.
- Off-the-shelf desktop case design. Engineering is
- Standard direct CPU/GPU fan cooling.
- Uses lower cost DDR3 shared memory.
- Lower cost controller components. Lacks a built-in
Lithium battery, touchpad & speaker.
- Lower cost 768 shaders GPU.
- Lower cost 3.5" Hard Drive. These larger drives cost
less than their 2.5" cousins with same specs.
- Heat redirecting design.
- Complex case/housing design.
- Uses higher cost GDDR5 memory.
- Higher cost controller components. Built-in Lithium
battery, touchpad, speaker & light bar (for virtual
reality tracking).
- Higher cost 1152 shaders GPU.
- Higher cost 2.5" Hard Drive.
Xbox One
North America
North America
1 Million (in 1 Day)
1 Million (in 8 Days)
Being able to turn on your Xbox One using the voice command
“Xbox On” requires the unit to be in STANDBY mode. This
consumes power. Around $40.00 per year. Almost the same
cost as a PS PLUS membership that includes 70+ free PS4,
PS3 & PS Vita games each year.
Greatness Awaits vs All in One. Input One.