PlayStation 4
Xbox One
User Replaceable: Yes
User Replaceable: No
1. Buy a new hard drive.
2. Replace hardware.
3. Download system files
to a USB flash disk.
4. Attach USB flash disk
to PS4 and turn unit on.
5. Follow instructions to
format & reload OS.
1. Pack unit and ship to
2. Wait up to 4 weeks.
3. Pay for the cost of a
new hard drive
(provided by Microsoft)
+ repair fees.
External power brick despite of larger size.
up to:
The 300,000 servers story:
1. Amazon is the worlds largest on-demand cloud
computing provider (they don’t just sell books and
2. Their cloud computing service is called AWS.
3. Netflix for example is one of their clients (all the
movies you watch on Netflix are served by AWS cloud
4. Companies like IBM and Microsoft are direct
competitors with AWS.
5. Microsoft’s on-demand cloud computing service is
called Azure.
6. Azure’s infrastructure is being positioned to better
compete against AWS with new data centers and lots of
servers (300,000).
7. Xbox Live will run on Azure cloud servers side by side
with other on-demand cloud computing services/clients.
8. The cloud computing market will reach $200 Billion by
2020. This is the reason behind Microsoft’s expansion
of its cloud services, not Xbox Live which is expected to
use only a small fraction of Azure’s computing power.
- XONE case design not heat redirecting. Relies on
venting for heat escape. Costs less to manufacture.
- Standard desktop case design for XONE. Build
engineering nonexistent. Costs less to assemble.
- Direct CPU/GPU cooling via fan. Off-the-shelf
standard components.
- XONE uses lower cost DDR3 shared memory.
- Lower cost XONE controller components. Lacks a
built-in Lithium battery, touchpad & speaker.
- Lower cost 768 shaders GPU compared to PS4's
1152 shaders.
Games releasing between
Nov 15 & Dec 31 2013
Xbox One
Free with Plus
Is Xbox Live more reliable and stable?
Gamers paid $5 Billion so far in Xbox Live Gold
membership fees. Cross Game Chat was the only
feature missing from the all free PSN.
Cross Game Chat is now supported by PS4 and is
Free for Everyone.
Cross Game Chat
Party Chat
Phone/Tablet App
Free To Play Games Access
$60 / Year
Game Recording & Uploading
Both networks and services are equally good but may
suffer from occasional outages and downtime during
Live Gameplay Streaming to Ustream & Twitch
Access to Netflix, Hulu +, Crackle & Youtube
While the PS4 is mostly out of stock everywhere, Xbox
Ones keep popping up at different retailers.
By not including a rechargeable battery with the
Xbox 360 controller, Microsoft saved on both
hardware and assembly costs and pocketed
almost $1 Billion (including sales from the
re-charge kit).
This is why the new Xbox One controller will also
come without a built-in rechargeable battery.
If you can’t get your hands on a PS4, Microsoft is
counting on you giving in and going for their console
This tactic was used on Black Friday 2013 to fill the gap
of out of stock PS4 systems and will be repeated this
EyeToy for PS2
Kinect for Xbox 360
November 2010
October 2003
You’re The
Your Body Is The
Released 7 Years Before Kinect
Only 2 categories in 8 years produced 15 games
Franchises: 4
Categories: 2
Games Released: 15
Period: 8 Years
It’s like every 6 MONTHS for 8 entire
, Microsoft published a $60.00
“Racing” or “Man vs. Alien Shooter” game.
Additional cars can be
purchased with real money
(Some cars cost up to
$50.00 each).
All cars included
PlayStation 4
PlayStation 4
PS VITA TV (2014)
- Play PS4 games remotely on PS Vita handheld.
- Play PS4 games remotely on another TV using a
PS Vita TV & a PS4 controller.
Other PS Vita TV uses:
. Plays PS1 & PSP games (Downloads)
. Plays PS Vita games (Disks & Downloads)
. Plays videos, Music, etc...
Watch friends live
streaming gameplay.
Join gameplay
during live
Take over game
controls from
your friend.
The Sega Dreamcast controller is the father of the Xbox
controller which even came with the same 2 expansion
slots in the front.
- Can’t prop feet up in front of Kinect.
- If game is paused, noise in room (child, barking,
talking on phone) may cause Kinect to resume
game while you’re away (don’t forget to say:“stop
- XONE pauses game automatically to recognize a
person when they enter the room (even during
online multiplay).
- Kinect doesn’t respond if TV is too loud.
- XONE can’t record, schedule recordings or pause
TV. You’ll have to reach for your cable DVR
remote for that.
- Gameplay gesture recognition still as good/bad
as original Kinect.
The position of the right thumbstick on the
Xbox controllers was due to the fact that
there was no other place to put it.
After 12 years, the Xbox One D-pad returns to its roots.
During 2010 - 2013
One console had
54 exclusives while
the other had only